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Monday, 11 May 2015

Music in the Forest - Roxy Recap and thoughts about measuring success

Patti Rainbow Wheeler and I at Roxy Coffee art Show
Music in the Forest 2015

I had a very successful show at Roxy Coffee in Acton and I am very grateful to all who came.

For my first show at the Roxy in 2013, was packed. I wanted this show to be even bigger and better. To insure that, I made professional posters and had then put around town. I advertised for months in advance and kept advertising until the last moment. I drove 6 hours full of hope and anticipation.The show began at 3pm and by 3:15 is was still sitting there alone. 15 minutes is a lot of time to pow wow with self. Its a humbling experience to see one's expectations dashed. I soul searched and refused to allow myself to carry disappointment and to remember those words...good things come in small packages. I had 10 guests arrive and we had an intimate time together. I feel so blessed and happy and I consider this show to be a resounding success.

I was taught that there is a special home for each and every creation, most especially when created in love. I know in my heart that its only a matter of time before my art reaches its rightful owner. There is such magic when this happens.

About a year ago, I was reunited with a friend who took an interest in my art. There was a particular piece of art that spoke to her and she knew it. She was so sure, she offered generously and I accepted. The problem was that I was on the tail end of a creativity cycle The image was not acceptable in quality and meant a redo. That beautiful and generous offer became a burden to me. It wasn't her fault. I wanted to provide but my inner self just wasn't I wandered. I stopped doodling. I put down my creativity and I wandered in the forest for a year.

She isn't the only one I left hanging. Another friend had asked for a piece of my art. This art was already created and absolutely ready to give. I couldn't even muster up enough gumption to deliver that art. This added to my "depression". When I sat down to consider how many people I left hanging I felt shame and yet I felt right. I have come to accept that my creativity also has costs and burdons and I have chosen to only engage when the time is right. I dont feel like I am in charge of timing, I only respond to it.

In many ways, my show was a coming out party and a celebration. In particular, the show at Roxy was a success because I was finally able to fulfill my end of the bargain. It was so great to share in a smaller more intimate way.  

Another highlight for me was there was an "unknown" lady who came to my show. She was taken by my art and the "influences" painting. It had very special meaning to her and we discussed that. I knew in my heart that this painting was for her. I also knew that she was not a wealthy or extravagant person. Finally she got the courage to say..I really love this painting but I cant afford it. I told her she would be welcome to take the painting and to pay me what and when she felt comfortable. Later that day she saw me on the street and offered me more than my conscience would allow. Bless her heart. She told me she thought hard about it and realized the value and came to the table with gratitude and generosity. She made my day. I took half of what she offered because I know she was giving with all her heart. It brought tears to my eyes.

I was once told that the definition of a "deal" is when both buyer and seller are happy.

So here it is.... I praise God and walk in Spirit and I leave all my burdens of expectation and personal gain in the hands of the One I trust. I have found that by letting go of self and embracing Spirit that I can live a very happy and rewarding life. Christos is a constant companion and that relationship is more precious than any gold. A path has been laid out for me and I simply walk that path knowing that I am the apple of the creators eye, that I am loved beyond measure and perfect in my imperfections. 

I am so grateful for another successful show. Next stop Twiggs at Sturgeon Falls.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


"mammo-rama" don wright 2015

This is a gift doodle given to the West Nipissing Health Center for their outstanding service to our community. They sponsored a free breast examination for all the ladies over 50. No appointments...just walk in and be loved and cared for. Quite an accomplishment as 100's of our communities ladies took advantage of the opportunity. I pray for a clean bill of health for our ladies.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

man loves his wife

"man loves his wife" don wright 2015
My wife and I were married in 1984 and I am completely enamored with her.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Monday, 30 March 2015

your eyes

"Your Eyes" copyright don wright 2015
Doodled for Mariella

I was going to call this piece "Big Beautiful Lashes"
I changed my mind at the last moment.
I called it "Your Eyes" because it is said,
"The eyes are the window to the soul"
and perhaps we have Three Eyes,
and this is the third
big beautiful lashes

Monday, 23 March 2015

me and my bow

"me and my bow" don wright 2015

dancing with my bow

"dancing with my bow" copyright don wright 2015

It is so good to be doodling again. I have been studying traditional archery and trying to dial in some doodles. My lines are starting to return and I am starting to feel more comfortable. After spinning off 10 doodles I finally got one with spark. The other 9 are part of the journey. They serve as exploratory images. At a golden moment, all the lines and all the images magically appear as this one did over morning coffee. This one fills my heart with joy.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Orion Theme and Doodling Again

"Orion2" copyright don wright 2015

"Orion" copyright don wright 2015

I put my pen and pencil down just over a year ago.
I have been walking in the wilderness and recharging,
I have been dreaming and thinking
suddenly I got charged up and excited.
I decided to go on tour with my art.
I went through a couple hundred images I had created
and then, with a little prompting
I picked up the pen again last night.
I am imagining long bow and archery
and doodling again.
and it feels good

Monday, 9 March 2015

Big Bang Theory - TADA commission

"Big Bang Theory" Copyright don wright 2015
Created for my friend Debbie

This is my first commissioned work. I was re-acquainted with an old friend who had just learned I was an artist. She told me she wanted to buy some art from me. She went through my catalog of images and settled on this piece. It is called "Big Bang Theory" and I affectionately call it "TADA". This began its journey as a pen and paper doodle and then transformed using fractal generator software. The image was processed and rendered and submitted to a printer. This was printed on canvas. It is 35 inches by 14 inches.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

music in the forest art show promo


My name is Don Wright and I live in Sturgeon Falls, on at the doorstep of some small, yet significant Old Growth Stands and home of ancient rock paintings and petroglyphs. This pristine and beautiful land of n’Dakimenan (Temagami) has become my inspiration.

The theme of my art show is “Music in the Forest” and I have chosen 28 pieces of art that explore this concept of musical nature. From my Spruce top guitar, to the sounds of birds and wind whistling in the trees, musical vibrations are all around us.

My doodle art is Vibrational Art and is influenced by Nature around me and Spirit within me. Viewing my art, one should feel moved by the virtues of Love, Joy and Peace. My art compels you to dream, imagine and explore your relationship with Spirit, Self and Creation. Most of all, I want my art to make you smile.

My art begins as a simple pen and paper doodle. I then scan or photograph my art and using a graphic program, I digitally invert and render the image. White becomes black and black becomes white. 

Printing of my images is done by Sofa Communications in North Bay using high quality digital printers, paper and ink.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Spirit of the Red Pine - Artists on Elgin - Sudbury

Spirit of the Red Pine at Artists on Elgin
February 1 - 28th
168 Elgin Street, Sudbury, ON

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Nipigon Blueberry Blast 2014

We had a blast at the Nipigon Blueberry Blast.
I sold 12 prints and sang 2 one hour sets.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Spirit of the Red Pine - pARTners for Wolf Lake

Spirit of the Red Pine - pARTners for Wolf Lake
The Pearl Company, Hamilton
July 2014